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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review STORMBRINGER by SHANNON DELANY Shannon_Delany @StMartinsPress

Book Description

 January 14, 2014
In the intrigue-filled follow up to Weather Witch, Jordan Astraea, once a young Philadelphia lady of good social standing, is now in the final stages of her brutal training to become a Conductor—the Weather Witch who serves as a living battery to keep the massive airliner Artemesia aloft. Meanwhile, Rowen, determined to rescue her after losing his only other true friend and being wanted for murder, has found himself forced aboard a much different air vessel, this one manned by a dangerous crew and carrying a cargo so treasonous, that, if finding its destination, will herald a storm of revolution for the still young United States.

With a spirit for adventure, romance, fantastic world building and cunning imagination, Shannon Delany delivers the sensational follow up to Weather Witch in Stormbringer, the second book of the trilogy.


About the Author

Since she was a child SHANNON DELANY has written stories, beginning writing in earnest when her grandmother fell unexpectedly ill. Previously a teacher and now a farmer raising heritage livestock, Delany lives and writes in Upstate New York and enjoys traveling to talk to people about most anything.



Jordan is now being forced into the role as a conductor on the airship, Artemesia, while Rowen is now aboard a ship that conducts trade, not all of it above board.  The pair, now separated, are both fighting for survival and Rowen has vowed to find Jordan once again and rescue her.  The Artemesia has an assortment of passengers including the Maker, Bran and his daughter.  Bran has been kidnapped by those in opposition to his creations and Wandering Wallace has ulterior motives as well.  That little turn in the plot caught me off guard.  This is one of the better second in a series I have read in a long time.  I thought this really gave the Weather Witch a run for the money. 
Jordan story in this one is almost more heartbreaking than the first.  She does come out a stronger person and it is such a surprise turnaround that it will take you off guard.  I had a few weepy moments as what she endure aboard the ship and her imprisonment comes to light.  Rowen on the other hand, is forced to grow up a bit, which I never expected he needed.  I though he had it pretty well together but when the captain of the ship, Elizabeth, points out the holes in his rescue plan, he does meet the mark.  
I found this installment amazing and heatbreaking at the same time.  What Jordan has been forced to endure will indeed make her a stronger person, but getting there isn't easy or pretty.  There are some wonderful insights to minor characters and they really help move the plot along as well as make me wonder what else they are up to.  Parents:  This is best suited for older teens since there are themes of slavery, abuse, violence and some language.  This series would spark a nice conversation on these subjects that mirror what is happening around the world today.   

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