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Sunday, July 15, 2012

BookHounds YA Stacking the Shelves July 15, 2012 IMM

Stacking the Shelves is a new weekly post by TYNGA'S REVIEWS showcasing your new books!

For Review

The author saw this on my wishlist and sent me a nice note.  I can't wait to read it! 


I liked Variant, so I hope this one answers my questions that are lingering.  



  1. Rift sounds awesome. I haven't finished the series yet. I still need to read Bloodrose. You have me very curious about the ending...

    Happy reading!

  2. You got some great books this week! Happy reading!

  3. I honestly haven't read any of the series except a novella and I wonder, having not read the series if I started with the prequel first, would I be confused?

    I really should start the series either way, I have heard great things about it, even with the last book and its less than appealing ending (to some).

  4. That is a really good question Kindlemom...I would think since it is a prequel that it wouldn't ruin the end of the book.

  5. I don't think I'll read Bloodrose. Wanna tell me how it ended? Just kidding. Looks like you have some good books there. Enjoy them!!!


  6. I've been wanting to read the nightshade series! I finally got ahold of them but I haven't made it to them yet. Ugh so many good books and so little time you know?


    P.S. Everytime I visit your blog it makes me smile to see the pictures of your dog! One of my dogs is a dachshund and they are one of my favorite breeds.

  7. Janet Tashjian! Have we talked about Larry?? Is this a new one of hers? Will have to check it out!

  8. Ok, so I answered part of my own question by heading to the library website (and becoming #1 on the waiting list!) Oh my gosh, could any book, in setting and subject, be more up your alley?! Looks good and thanks for the reminder to look her up. As mentioned, I've enjoyed earlier books.

  9. Haley I kind of give away the ending in Bloodrose if you read between the lines.

    Julia -- I know! I read the description about a year ago and added it to my list. I haven't read any of Janet's other work before. This takes place a bit (like 5 years!) before I started going to Hollywood a lot.

  10. I really have to get started on Variant, since Feedback comes out soon.

    You received some wonderful books. :)

  11. Maybe we'll get to read one of your famous Q&A's with Janet!



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