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Friday, June 22, 2012

SERIES SPOTLIGHT Maximum Ride: The Manga, Vol. 4 & 5 James Patterson

Book Description

April 26, 2011 Maximum Ride: The Manga (Book 4)
Despite their initial hesitation, living with Anne has softened the Flock, so Max is keenly aware that it's time to leave. With Thanksgiving so near, though, all of them want to stay, at least until they've had their first ever Thanksgiving turkey! But danger is on the horizon as Jeb's plan advances, and while the Flock's new school seems normal and safe, secrets are hidden beneath its prestigious facade...

Book Description

December 13, 2011 Maximum Ride: The Manga (Book 5)
Escaping ITEX in Florida, the Flock head west, with Max more burdened than ever by the knowledge that she's meant to save the world. But while their leader is keen to stay on the path leading to her destiny, Fang and the others are more interested in settling down and letting the chips fall where they may. With the Erasers eerily absent from their lives of late, has the Flock finally earned a bit of peace...or is this all just the calm before the storm?

About the Author

James Patterson is the author of the highly praised Maximum Ride novels and of a number of bestselling detective series featuring Alex Cross and the Women's Murder Club. His novels have sold more than 140 million copies worldwide.

The next two manga books in my countdown to NEVERMORE!


  1. I own the fourth one, I got the fifth one a few days ago. I love Maximum Ride :)

  2. My kids love this series and the Magna books.

  3. Hey I saw your post on book blogs and I decided to check you out. I've been so into writing my erotica books and now I've recently ventured into adding YA to my list of books. I thought it would be great if I started engrossing myself in some YA blogs too. I love what you are doing by the way and feel free to vist me at my blog.


    Queen B



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