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Monday, November 7, 2011

Cool Authors, Haute Dogs: JOANNA PHILBIN author of the Daughter's Series



About the Author

Joanna Philbin was born in Los Angeles and grew up in New York City. She is the daughter of television host Regis Philbin and started her first novel at the age of seven, but only got as far as the second chapter. She went on to receive her BA from Brown University and an MFA. from the University of Notre Dame. Joanna now lives in Los Angeles, California. 
Where to find Joanna

Web Address: www.joannaphilbin.com
Facebook:  HERE
Twitter:  HERE

Do you have another book in the works?
Yes!  I’m working on a book about two 17 year-old girls spending the summer in East Hampton.  Isabel is the rebellious daughter of a very wealthy family, and Rory is the hard-working niece of the family’s housekeeper.  Isabel has never had a boyfriend she couldn’t wrap around her finger; Rory has never had a boyfriend, period.  Despite their radically different backgrounds, Rory and Isabel help each other through summer romances that turn their worlds upside-down.  It’s called THE RULES OF SUMMER and will come out just in time for summer of 2013. 

What are you reading right now?
THE ART OF FIELDING by Chad Harbach.  It’s about baseball, which I know nothing about, but the writing is beautiful and the characters are so likeable and well-drawn.  I just finished BUNHEADS, by Sophie Flack, which I loved. 

How many books a year do you read?
About 25. 

What does your dog like to do while you write or read?
She loves to sleep (and snore) somewhere close to me.

What is your dog’s favorite activity? 
Running on the beach.  A lot of people think pugs are couch potato dogs, but Edie loves to run – and I get a workout just trying to keep up with her!

Book Description

Daughters November 7, 2011
They didn't ask for fame. They were born with it.
In the third Daughters novel, The Daughters Take the Stage, Hudson found her own place in "the family business," aka: show business. Now, for the first time, readers will meet Emma Conway, daughter of a powerful New York State Senator.

Emma has never fit into the sweater-set-wearing world of her political family, opting for purple hair and Chuck Taylors to keep herself out of countless photo ops, but when she accidentally lets her father's presidential plans slip on national television, Emma finds herself thrown into the spotlight. Facing pressure to be the perfect First Daughter-in-training, Emma must learn to speak up for herself and for what she believes in. Thankfully, she has her new friends and fellow daughters - Lizzie, Carina, and Hudson - to help her along the way.


  1. Great interview and cute dog!

  2. Apparently Edie is quite famous since she has been on TV with Joanna's father when this series first started! Rosita gets bonus points for bringing that to my attention!



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