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Friday, July 15, 2011

10 Questions with Queen of the Dead author STACEY KADE

About the Author

As an award-winning corporate copywriter, Stacey Kade has written about everything from backhoe loaders to breast pumps. But she prefers to make things up instead.
From her first childhood scribbles about a magical necklace that would turn people into cats, Stacey has long been fascinated with what happens when the “ordinary” bumps up against “out of this world.” What if aliens landed on Earth? What if the afterlife is really just another dimension?
She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, Greg, and their three retired racing greyhounds, Joezooka (Joe), Tall Walker (Walker) and SheWearsThePants (Pansy). When she’s not reading or writing, you’ll likely find her parked in front of the television with her Roswell DVDs, staring rapturously at Jason Behr.



And now 10 Questions with Stacey Kade 

1. Bookmarks or dog ears?
Bookmarks. Or, I use the front flap of the dust jacket to hold my place.

2. Dust jacket on or off when reading a hard back?

3. What is the first book you remember reading by yourself as a child?
I don’t know—isn’t that terrible? I don’t actually remember learning how to read. It’s just always been part of my life. 

4. What are you reading right now?
Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin (loved the HBO series, so I wanted to try the book!)

5. Do you have a favorite author?
Oh, too many to count. My auto-buy list is enormous. Off the top of my head, I’m a huge fan of Meg Cabot, Jennifer Echols, Suzanne Collins, and Jane Austen.

6. Was there a book that inspired you to write?
I was always writing little stories when I was a kid, and the first one I remember finishing was directly inspired by the Trixie Belden series (sort of a younger version of Nancy Drew). And by “directly inspired,” I actually mean, “shameless imitation.”  Hey, I was nine and just learning! 

7. Do you have a favorite place to write?
I end up writing in bookstores, libraries and coffee shops a lot, but my very favorite place (other than my office) is the airport. Yeah, I know it’s weird! 

8. How does your garden grow?
Ha! Not very well, which is why I let my husband take care of all the plants. 

9. What is the last thing you Googled?
Lake Michigan sea monster (nope, not kidding)

10. What makes you cringe?
This is an odd thing that I’ve inherited from my mother—neither of us can stand to watch characters in movies or TV shows stuck in embarrassing or humiliating situations, particularly if the characters themselves are responsible for creating said humiliating situation. My mom will leave the room (and then come back in a minute to ask what happened). I prefer to fast forward, when that’s possible!  I saw Bridesmaids a couple weekends ago and while it is possibly one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, there were several moments (like the competing speeches part) where I would have bolted if my husband had not been there. If I’d left, he NEVER would have let me live that down! So, instead, I just squirmed in my seat and covered my eyes!

Thank you so much for stopping by BookHounds YA today!

You can visit Stacey
Webiste:   http://www.staceykade.com/
Blog: http://www.staceykade.com/journal/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/staceykade
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/staceykade

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  1. Great Q&A with Stacey! Many people at work have begun the Game of Thrones books because of the series on HBO.

  2. I loved Q&A's. It was funny and interesting. Please do more of these!



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